Good plagiarism or unpopular consortium?

Who doesn’t like when others make you ‘feel at home’? This is what happened when I got my hands on my friend’s Samsung point-and-shoot, the one with a secondary screen on the lens side. Before that I had shot with two Sonys, a  DSC-S600 and a HX5, where I was used to deleting an image with the lower right button, and change display brightness and information shown with the UP button. Surprisingly, the Samsung acted the very same way and even though a lot of people would accuse one manufacturer of plagiarizing the other, I’d say it’s not that bad of an offense. It did make my transition smoother and helped me not label the Sammy as ‘weird’ or ‘counter-intuitive’. It is nice, in a proprietary world, to see purposeful mimicking that minimizes learning curves.


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