Transferring contacts from one brand phone to another

Everyone gets a text that reads ‘Who’s this?’ at least once in their lifetime. Most often, the reason behind it is that people switch/upgrade their phones and while they keep their number, they flush all contacts down with the old phone.

Here’s a quick trick for keeping up to 250 of your old contacts and transferring them to you new phone:

  1. Get a pen and paper. Just kidding. Skip to next ;)
  2. On your old phone, go to your address book. Somewhere from ‘Settings’ or ‘Advanced’ there should be a function to Copy All contacts, and often it asks you to Copy from phone to SIM card or Copy from SIM card to phone. Choose the Copy from phone to SIM card. It will take a minute or two.
  3. Say goodbye to the old phone! Remove the SIM card and insert in into your new phone.
  4. Power up your new phone. It may have an empty phonebook, but not for long. Go to the phonebook, and again look for the Settings or Advanced menu. You should find an option to Restore/Copy contacts from SIM card. Voilà! No more  ‘Who’s this?’ texts!

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