What is real social networking without Nokia Sensor?

Image borrowed from Esato.com – click for source.

Nokia Sensor is an application I discovered a while ago while I still had my Nokia 6300. Those were the times when Twitter or foursquare must have only been concepts. Nokia Sensor, I’d say, is what comes closest to a genuine and spontaneous online social networking experience (or should I say encounter?). The application was originally and exclusively developed for Nokia phones (Series 40 and S60).

Image borrowed from Esato.com – click for source.

It utilizes the device’s Bluetooth connection and lets the user input their personal information and profile picture. After the setup is complete, Sensor lets the user search for nearby Sensor users (within the range that Bluetooth allows for) and displays a list of results. Those are literally people within a hand’s reach with whom you can chat, much like BlackBerry messenger. Needless to say, unlike Facebook or other networks where users may be on the other side of the world or inactive, Sensor provides a here-and-now experience. Wish it ever made it to i-devices or Android.


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